Everything you need to know about vaginal pain during period!

vaginal pain during period

Vaginal pain during a period can have a wide variety of root reasons, despite its general prevalence. However, knowing the facts might be challenging due to widespread misunderstanding and negative stereotypes about sexual health. To be clear, vulvar discomfort is separate from vaginal pain. Vulvar pain refers to discomfort in the labia and other external … Read more

All the facts you need to know about vaginal bleaching!

vaginal bleaching

Vaginal bleaching has the same effect as hair bleaching, lightening the vagina. The carpet was destroyed after a night of excessive alcohol and food consumption. Hair is in the exhilaration of saying, “screw them!” and terminating the relationship. It’s your filthy toilet bowl in the ladies’ room. Bleach may be used to brighten these items. … Read more

Thyroid pimples on neck: Do you suspect your thyroid is to blame for your cystic acne?

thyroid pimples on neck

Thyroid pimples on neck may form when abnormally large numbers of thyroid cells gather in the thyroid gland.  In some cases, people with thyroid nodules may have no symptoms at all, while others may notice a bump in the neck. Although most are harmless, some may cause cancer and should be treated accordingly. While most … Read more

Everything you need to know about thigh acne in detail!

thigh acne

Thigh acne is related to acne on the face; however, it is more of a second cousin. Many factors, such as bacteria, pollution, and sweat, may contribute to acne on the inner thighs. This kind of acne may also be attributed to friction. Friction, which happens when skin scrapes against the skin, is a typical … Read more

All information you need to know about Mucinex and alcohol!

mucinex and alcohol

Mucinex and alcohol might have some unpleasant side effects if used with alcohol. Most medical professionals see this as a bad idea. Mixing the two might increase heart rate and strain the liver, among other side effects. Mucinex, which includes the ingredient guaifenesin, is a popular over-the-counter cold remedy. The mucus in a person’s lungs … Read more

Interesting facts to know about Pansinusitis!


Pansinusitis is a condition that occurs when all of your paranasal sinuses become inflamed or irritated. Sinuses are present in every person. It is believed that the air that fills the gaps behind your eyes helps humidify the air, keeping the inside of your nose and the rest of your respiratory system wet. Because of … Read more

Everything you need to know about Scalp scabs picking in detail!

scalp scabs picking

Scalp scabs picking is a habit seldom discussed because of feelings of shame, although it is relatively standard. In addition, it is associated with neuroatypical characteristics, and many different treatment methods are available. Most scabs and sores on the scalp aren’t anything to be concerned about. Irritating substances and relatively minor skin disorders are frequently … Read more

Review of Anti parent parenting blog!

anti parent parenting blog

Anti parent parenting blog lay to rest Mike Julianelle, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and has a deep love for his kid, is the brains behind the anti parent parenting blog. On the other hand, Julianelle openly acknowledges on his blog titled “Dad and Buried” that being a parent may sometimes seem like … Read more