Review of Anti parent parenting blog!

Anti parent parenting blog lay to rest Mike Julianelle, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and has a deep love for his kid, is the brains behind the anti parent parenting blog. On the other hand, Julianelle openly acknowledges on his blog titled “Dad and Buried” that being a parent may sometimes seem like a burden.

When caring for a young person, it’s important to adjust one’s priorities and way of life to accommodate the new responsibilities. It is no longer acceptable for him to consume alcohol at his leisure, and many activities he participates in now place a greater emphasis on youth. Julianelle asserts that he is still authentic to who he is even if these changes have been made. Here we will discuss more Anti parent parenting blogs in detail.

What is Anti parent parenting blog?

The author of Dad and Buried, also known as Mike Julianelle, is a Brooklyn dad over the age of forty and shares his perspectives on parenthood via sarcasm. As a result, he receives unfavourable comments from those who have heard that his site is an anti-parenting blog. People have been rude to him in the words they’ve posted on his blog.

In addition, he is complaining about how the presence of his son, Detective Munch, and the other obligations associated with their existence, are ruining his social life. Detective Munch is now eight years old. Julianelle, who calls himself the anti-parent, uses Dad and Buried as an outlet for his resentment at overprotective parents, so-called “parenting experts,” and his own challenging experiences as a parent.

Julianelle also refers to himself as “the anti-parent.” He sees himself as cynical and sarcastic, and he believes that other parents should be aware that it is natural to feel concerned since it may be challenging to raise children. He feels this is vital for other parents to know. Julianelle is aware, despite everything, that his blog will most likely cause offence to several readers.

The blog serves as a continuous journal:

The blog is a continuous journal of his evolution as a father and son as an expert parent with the world’s first and only perfect child. Some individuals consider the site and the posts included within it to be the best essays about parenting they have ever read.

You can be confident that he loves his wife and his kid and that although he may complain about the newest member of the family, he still loves them. His “hidden secrets” section on the site is popular since it allows parents to anonymise their deepest, darkest family secrets.

For instance, on May 31, the website “Boob Tube” stated, “The television babysits my kid when I get off work every day.” Couch potato best describes my two-year-old son. The discussion thread is now open, but any potentially harmful remarks are being closely monitored. Julianelle desires for it to be an open and accepting environment where parents can freely express themselves without fear of being evaluated.

Why is this site labeled as anti parent parenting blog?

The following are some of the reasons, according to Mike Julianelle, why individuals could consider his anti parenting blog. Even if you love your kid very much, parenting may be a pain. It may be even worse than having a child you don’t care much about.

At least in that case, whatever occurs will take place. There is no obligation to parents. When it comes to the welfare of a child you care about, you are accountable for his education and growth into someone or anything other than a complete jerk.

And it is labour that is strenuous and exhausting. The worst kind of people is other parents. They always remember to pass judgment. They will judge you, consider your wife, and judge your kid; they are the only ones who know the key to perfect parenting. On the other hand, I pass judgment on them here and a good bit of cussing out, according to the anti parent parenting blog.


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