Everything you need to know about Tequila Jalisco!

Tequila Jalisco, from the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, is renowned worldwide for its exceptional spirit. Continue reading this article if you are curious about the production process of Tequila and would like the opportunity to sample some of the finest examples found anywhere in the world. Tacos, Corona, and Tequila Jalisco, are what the rest of the world knows Mexico for. Like Champagne in France, only tequilas produced in Mexico can legitimately use the term “tequila.” Travelling to Tequila is a must if you want to learn about the tequila-making process and stock up on the real deal. Everything you need to know about my favourite town in Tequila Jalisco, from where to stay and how to get there to the best tequila bars, is right here in this blog.

Mexican pride:

You probably already know that the popular alcoholic beverage known as “tequila” was first produced in the city of Tequila in the Mexican state of Jalisco. The local blue agave is used to distil the spirit known as Tequila. It is essentially a subset of the distilled drink known as “mezcal.” To distinguish it from Mezcal, distilled in southern Mexico in places like Oaxaca, the drink was named “Tequila” in 1873.

Blue Agave Cultivation:

Even though visiting a distillery and trying out various kinds of Tequila can be entertaining, to have a complete understanding of the process, it is necessary to travel to the field where the agave plants are grown. It is because the distillation process begins with the agave plant. A plant known as blue agave is used in the production of Tequila, and blue agave itself is one of the ingredients. Even though they have a wonderful appearance, growing them is an extremely challenging endeavour.

Stroll the town’s cobblestone streets:

Indeed, Tequila is a quaint and charming municipality. The colonial architecture and cobblestone streets will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. There were many hours that I spent aimlessly exploring Tequila, Jalisco. The main square is home to a beautiful church, a plethora of delicious street foods, and some of the best shopping in the city. Locals assured me that having celebrations and festivals regularly is nothing out of the ordinary in Tequila and that there was even a night festival while I was there.

Get drunk on margaritas:

For frequent consumption, a cocktail is my drink of choice. Tequila’s bars cater to visitors who have come specifically to sample the city’s Tequila by offering a wide variety of creative and delicious cocktail options. While margaritas in Tequila may not be as inventive as those in other places, they are nonetheless delicious. Oh, and they’re inexpensive, so make the most of your visit to Tequila by taking advantage of the city’s endless supply of Tequila.

Five, a meal of pastor:

First, the al pastor tacos vary in flavour depending on where you go. The meat is prepared and served each time differently. Each of the salsas served on the side is unique, and it’s fun to try something new without knowing what to expect in terms of heat. Al pastor taco establishments are the second best place to meet locals and have a fantastic time. People will want to talk to you and take your picture, but the vibe is positive and enjoyable.

Mexico Car Rental:

Renting a car is one of the most convenient ways to see everything Mexico offers. At first, it was really difficult for me to use public transportation. I could travel about the nation at my own pace without booking tours or hiring taxis. One need only provides a license printed in Roman characters to drive legally in Mexico. If your country employs a different system than Japan or China, you only need an international driver’s license.

El Dorado:

Palapa can be found directly adjacent to its sister restaurant, El Dorado, which can be found right next door to Palapa. An expansive thatched-roof palapa with indoor and outdoor seating and tables placed on the sand. One dish that stands out is the shrimp tamal, which comes topped with fresh mozzarella, pumpkin seeds, and a variety of flavorful toppings like salsa verde, jalapeno cream, and shredded coconut.


Graham Campbell, who holds a Michelin star, has been in the Netflix series Final Table. Chef Graham’s sophisticated Mexican and international fusion menu is amazing in its variety. Scallop tartar with lemon vinaigrette, the pig with green mole to die for, and imaginative dishes like empanadas with chaplain cheese and guacamole are just a few samples of what you can expect from their ever-changing menu.

Tre Piatti:

Tre Piatti has two separate dining areas. The front parlour is ultra-modern in design and style, adorned with striking art pieces. Therefore The patio eating area is a lovely courtyard with two enormous mango trees as focal points. Pastry Chef Natalie works alongside her husband, Chef Chanan, to run the most authentic Italian restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.

Coffee Shop on the River:

Inviting a garden site on the Island River Cuale that includes a chamber open to the air at the River Cafe, you may enjoy your meal while looking out over the river. The acoustic jazz and the painstakingly compiled wine list contribute significantly to the atmosphere’s enchanted quality. It would help if you tried the mahi-mahi prepared in lemon butter and then topped with a gremolata sauce. Serve it on a bed of spinach and broccoli.


Award-winning local chef Joel Ornelas provides a one-of-a-kind international dining experience with contrasting textures, acidic and spicy components, and exquisite presentation. This space is cutting-edge, urban, and comfortable. Therefore the offerings shift daily. The 5-course tasting menu comes highly recommended. It’s infamous for getting people super wasted and giving them the worst hangovers, but that’s not fair.


Tequila Jalisco is most known for its namesake alcoholic beverage; it is also a wonderful spot to unwind. In addition to its stunning architecture, the charming town is populated by warm, welcoming people. There’s so much more to Mexico’s distilled agave beverages like Tequila than just a shot, a nasty taste, and a burn. Few spirits are genuinely more aromatic and tasty; it’s a veritable cocktail in a glass when poured over ice on a hot day. High-quality Tequila is cucumber, pepper, flowery, honey, and vanilla-flavoured. Tequila’s a sad drink.


What characteristics are characteristic of Tequila Jalisco?

The blue agave plant is indigenous to this region and is used to produce the alcoholic beverage known simply as “tequila.” Indigenous peoples exploited the plant’s sugary heart to manufacture an alcoholic beverage.

Is a trip to the birthplace of Tequila Jalisco worth it?

If you are in Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco, you should make a short trek to this charming village. If you aren’t in Tequila solely for Tequila, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there is enough to do and see.

What makes Jalisco so special?

Jalisco is one of the most visited states in Mexico, and with good reason: the state is home to a diverse range of landscapes and a significant amount of cultural history.


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