Facts to know about things to draw on whiteboard!

things to draw on whiteboard: Meetings may be made much more engaging with the help of whiteboards, which are a welcome change from the monotony of long, wordy slide presentations. A whiteboard can be used to write and draw ideas to visualize what is being discussed in a meeting. You can use the whiteboard as if it were a second person talking to the group. Whether you’re trying to capture the attention of a class in a classroom setting or want to practice your drawing skills, a whiteboard is a great tool to have around. This article will discuss more things to draw on whiteboard.

Best things to draw on the whiteboard:

If you are in charge of making daily announcements, scheduling meetings for your class or organization, and also enjoy drawing, then the whiteboard is the perfect tool for you. Put your drawing skills to good use by turning them into something enjoyable that you and your friends can do regularly. The following are different things to draw on a whiteboard.

Horned Draco:

Let your imagination run amok as you sketch a terrifying dragon out of your worst fears. This sketch is perfect for experimenting with new line techniques and refining character ideas. You can decide whether or not to give your character minor details like scaly skin or green eyes. A drawing like this also gives you a chance to give physical form to a character who has previously only been in your head.

The Creature from Frankenstein:

The following is a concept for a whiteboard drawing that may be used to invite kids to a Halloween party at a haunted house. More importantly, the artwork is a perfect fit for the subject matter at hand. There are few things more characteristic of Halloween than the reappearance of vile monsters, and Frankenstein’s creation is among the most recognizable of these beasts. The level of detail in this illustration also makes it straightforward to sketch.

Mickey Mouse:

Many children’s and young adults’ childhoods include Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters. His signature ears are readily identifiable and can be drawn with little effort because they are also used as a design element in the Disney Channel logo. For this reason, copying this image onto a whiteboard with a single black marker should be the least difficult thing to perform.

Dinosaur with a Big Appetite:

Let’s go on to Step 2, sketching something horrifying and adorable. Fun to sketch and not too difficult, they make a great addition to any art portfolio. While depicting a dinosaur, most people will include its full body and long tails. But if you want to spice things up, have one dinosaur attack another. Somebody’s attention would be grabbed if this were done.


There’s no denying that drawing your favourite childhood cartoon characters is fun. Most people enjoy the monster Godzilla. Try to imagine him doing the same damage he did, only this time to half the city, and yet being unaffected by the police or the citizens. You’re allowed to make him a lovely villain if that fits the movie’s tone or to show him as ruthless as he is in real life.


Cats have earned the title of “meme creatures” with good cause; their ability to strike a wide range of stances gives creative types plenty of fodder for their work. They may make themselves look taller by arching their backs, curling up into a fluffball, and extending out like a mat; all thanks to the ease with which they move their bodies. And that’s not even touching on the looks on their faces! Conversely, if you find drawing cats in their “wild,” comical state challenging, you could try going for something like this instead.

Turtles, Teenage Mutant, Ninja

If you’re going to challenge yourself to draw something new every day, you could create the cartoon characters you loved as a youngster. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the heroic turtles, are great comic book characters and a lot of fun to draw. The final product will look fantastic if you choose a group stance in which all weapons are visible. Consider incorporating a facet of their personality, like Michelangelo being the goofy clown he is.


Only some have wonderful handwriting, and even those of us who do can have trouble transposing our neatness onto a whiteboard. A mirror is not typically considered a writing surface in the same way that a sheet of paper or a chalkboard could be. However, with the right tools, you can easily write notes and draw diagrams on mirrors inside your home. Since the mirror acts as the background, you may also learn to incorporate a few additional aspects into what you draw to create a stunning image that is mirrored in a few different ways.


How can I get my whiteboard to look as good as new?

Clean the board well by spraying some isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel and wiping it all down. Both of these problems will be addressed by this solution. If the paper towels start to dry out or get soiled, replace them. To make the entire whiteboard feel smooth, repeat as many times as necessary.

Do whiteboards lose their usefulness over time?

These boards are used often and can quickly lose their original colour if they are not properly cleaned. Discoloured and dirty boards make it hard to read what’s written on them, especially at a distance.

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